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  • Muhammad Khairul

    Muhammad Khairul

    A Starseed Empath who writes poetry about Mental health, spirituality, awakening, life, love, hope & reality of today. . https://ko-fi.com/sangkhaiya

  • Shannon Taylor

    Shannon Taylor

    BA Business Administration | New BloggerđŸ’± | Affiliate Marketer 📊 | Self-Growing đŸ’Ș| Insurance Background | Web🌍 www.techprohosting.com

  • Cailian Savage

    Cailian Savage

    Aspiring writer. I travel, do sport, read, take photos, and even find time to think too. Email: cailiansavage1@gmail.com — Instagram: cailian_savage

  • Knowahparks


    I am, therefore I am. In search of subtle joy, peace, harmony, and contentment. Enjoying the journey never really knowing where or if the destination even exist

  • Margaret Honton

    Margaret Honton

    Daughter· Scholar· Maggie· Gretchen· Margarita· Missus· Mom· Godmother· DoppelgÀnger· Occupant· Pearl· Divorcee· Megan· Poet· Patient· Marguerite· Dreamer

  • Jules Evans

    Jules Evans

    Author of Philosophy for Life and other books. Honorary fellow, Centre for the History of the Emotions. www.philosophyforlife.org.

  • Phil Rosen

    Phil Rosen

    Business and science reporter. Bestselling travel writer. USC alum. I write everyday, and you should too.

  • Ruth Osman

    Ruth Osman

    Caribbean singer/songwriter/ poet who loves dogs, all things mystical, and solitude. Website: ruthosman.com

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