Indian Amusements


Poetry: Real Time (Almost)

Image courtesy of Leon Liu on Unsplash

They, as you
Dance the dances of deep desire
They, as you
Play assuredly with sensual enticements

With flashes of bare skin they, as you
Encourage the onset of rapture
With suggestive movements they, as you
Take one to the vale of the ecstasies

Their large photographic eyes, as yours
Offer up deliberately wicked smiles
Their vibrant sexual energy, as yours
Draws me to that place within

With intuitive folk music they, as you
Develop the underlying evocative mood
With warm sultry air they, as you
Welcome in the luxuriating warm nights

You, as they
Have all of the beauty of the temptresses
You, as they
Seduce beyond the oblivions of desire